Classic Extra Light (EL) Travertine

Product Information

Classic Extra Light (EL) Travertine , Cross-Cut, Filled, Honed, Tile

(EL - Extra Light) has very light color and it is also called as Ivory in the market. It has Premium quality with very few and very small fillings.

Available Sizes

Size (cm) Size (inch) Thickness In Stock
30.5x61x1.2cm 12”x24”x1/2” 1.2
40.6x40.6x1.2cm 16''x16''x1/2'' 1.2
40.6x61x1.2cm 16”x24”x1/2” 1.2
61x61x1.2cm 24”x24”x1/2” 1.2
Random Pattern x1.2cm Random Pattern x1/2” 1.2
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